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PU Delineator Post

Be able to bear severe temperature, high pressure, folding and winding resistance.
Various heights and sizes to choose from.
It can go back to the original state very quickly after be impacted by force for thousands of times.
Can be installed in numerous manners and will withstand continuous impacts with vehicles.

BASIC INFO Packing Case

PU delineator post is ideal for traffic delineation, guiding at the gate or road crossing. You can use the Flexible Post in any situation where you must separate traffic simply and safely.

Made of high quality PU material, this kind of delineator post possesses excellent elasticity and resistance. It is used to guide traffic or to provide warning of approaching hazards. It will allow emergency services to travel over them when there is a need which makes it the most suitable option of separating traffic on busy public roads.

PU Delineator Post

PU Delineator Post

Production Line of Delineator Post: