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Rubber Traffic Cone

1.Stackable for easy storage.
2.Durable, long service life.
3.Excellent performance in fading and aging resistance.
4.Bright fluorescent color provides good visibility.
5.Excellent flexibility: it bounces back from pressing or impacting.

BASIC INFO Packing Case Testing

Rubber traffic cone is flexible, durable. The square base won’t roll away even it is knocked over. The red and white color is very striking, marking hazardous areas to prevent accidents and set up safe traffic lanes. It comes with a unique rubber base at bottom, which makes itself stand even in Heavy Winds and Heavy Traffic movement.


Model Height Weight Base size
CR-75 900mm 5.0kg 450*450mm
CR-70 750mm 2.8kg 400*400mm
CR-67 700mm 1.7kg 360*360mm
CR-50 500mm 1.1kg 350*350mm

Rubber traffic cones are used on the crossing of roadways, maintenance of freeways, hotels, residential , etc., working in barricade or separateness to hold up and compart traffic runoff.