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Traffic Safety Barrels

Easy for transportation and storage;
Superior design: System array breaks up during impact and momentum transfer slows the vehicle;
Lower repair costs: The multi-piece construction saves time and money on repairs because only the damaged parts need to be replaced after impact.


Traffic barrels or called traffic drums are devices that help reduce the damage to vehicles and roadside structures in the event of a collision. Safety barrel is brightly colored plastic containers filled with water or sand. They help in absorbing and dissipating the kinetic energy from the colliding vehicle.The colliding vehicle will slow down as kinetic energy is transferred to the crash barrel. A violent crash and injury to the occupants of the vehicle can then be avoided. Made from UV stabilized high density polyethylene plastic, our crash barrels has been certified to meet the worthy requirements to provide the best highway safety.

 Model PTD80-60A PTD80-60B PTD90-45 PTD100-45 PTD72-19 PTD125-90
Height 800mm 800mm 450mm 1000mm 720mm 1250mm
Diameter 600mm 600mm 900mm 400mm 190mm 520mm
Weight 4.5kg 5.0kg 3.5kg 4.5kg 1.5kg 16kg

Crash barrels are placed along the highway, sharp corners or in places where the risk of accidents is high. They are also used for redirecting traffic or to protect roadside workers and equipment.