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SpringBack Delineator Post

1. Pressure-resistance
2. Anti-impact
3. Crash-resistance
4. Auto spring back


The chassis of the spring back delineator post is installed with screws fixed on the ground, designed with elastic rope inside the chassis, the elastic post will automatically spring back to normal when crashed or knocked down, acting as a tumbler effect, which can greatly reduce the damage to the car and the driver by the collision.

The advantage of pressure-resistance, anti-impact and crash-resistance, can protect vehicle from damage after the crashing.While the unique ring top makes it move conveniently to work closely with a variety of telescopic rods and plastic warning chain so as to play a function of protection and isolation. It is generally used for road isolation, residential district isolation, setting parking spaces, municipal construction,public activities isolation, expressway tolls, urban road intersection, sidewalks, temporary dividing roads,danger area or prohibition area isolation, for both ends of the traffic railings,also can be used along with one-time warning tapes, warning chains and telescopic rods etc.


Model Height Weight Body Material Base Material Body Diameter Base Diameter
WF-80 80mm 2.8Kg PE Rubber 100mm 260mm
WF-95 950mm 2.95Kg PE Rubber 100mm 260mm
WF-100 1000mm 3.1Kg PE Rubber 100mm 260mm