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Small Orange Safety Cones

Fade resistant, bright orange color
Wind-resistant design
Fit in any coach's training equipment bag
Durable and pliable


The small orange safety cones are designed for sports training, construction caution as well as track and field events. Mini cones are ideal for ANY SPORT and numerous other activities, such as soccer, football, basketball, games, parties, events, kids play, bicycle obstacle course, motorcycle training, dog training, horse training and many other activities.

Made of LDPE (Low Density Poly Ethylene), the sports cone is durable and pliable so it doesn’t crack when hit or stepped on. It can be used to mark boundaries or set up courses. Its fluorescent bright color is highly visible on grass and most other surfaces. Its wind-resistant design with rounded edges and enough weight (62-64g each) make it stay put. It is an ideal equipment for drills, agility training, and speed training, both indoor and outdoors.